Naman Nepal Who?

What I’ve learned during my past seven years on the internet is: for every person online, there is another person. For me, the internet is nothing but a muddling lens that people want to see through. And, it seems tragic that people get staged themselves while trying to explore the deep world that lies inside their computer screens or smartphone sets.

‘I wanted to make money’ and that was how I surfed the world of internet securing my neighbor’s wifi password for the first three months. I did access social media sites through my smartphone, but working online and making some bucks was possible only when I had plugged my laptop to display ‘Google’ homepage on my screen. That’s how I started, and I’m happy that I’m making my living out of it today.

I am Naman Nepal. I’m an Electrical Engineering student and a passionate blogger; at least because I’ve been blogging for over three years now. I also run a blog about keyword research and SEO strategies,, where I share my knowledge about digital marketing. Another website I started recently is as part of the SEO Hero contest by Wix.

I started writing contents online by finding gigs on odesk and other freelancing websites; I’ve edited a couple of books and written contents for some websites through the years. That’s how I started making money before I completely stopped working for others to start blogging on my own!

I’ve failed a lot of times because I always needed to start small. You know how poor my country Nepal is, and the field that I’m into requires quite a bit of money to start. Plus, I don’t have real access to an online currency like PayPal, or Credit Card that most of the websites require for payment. But still, when there is a will, there’s a way. And I’m here, writing a blog to teach people about how I started and how you can too.

You might ask me if it’s about making more money with this blog. I’d still say ‘YES’, but I’ll not be focusing more on it because I’m starting this blog with a passion to write what I’ve learned through the years. I’ve done SEO, content marketing, social media promotions, monetization and everything that people do to make money online. And I’ll be teaching you along the way!

If you want to know if I know coding- NO, I don’t. I’ve read C, C++ and QBASIC during my high school and the first year of my engineering studies, but I have no idea about how to write a ‘Hello World!’ program on PHP. But, I have a friend who goes by the name ‘Google’ and that’s helping me out at every instance. I’ve known how to edit codes for my websites, run scripts on Python, and solve every other problem that I go through once in a while. But still, I don’t know anything about coding.

So, as I already said, I’m into teaching people how to make money through blogging, my contents in this website will hover around blogging related issues. Content writing, SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, online tools, tricks and techniques about blogging; that’s what I’ll be dealing with.

I’ll always be trying to keep my posts understandable, informative and interactive so that it can be appealing to anyone who reads them. After all, blogging is all about interaction, and I’ll always be looking forward to replying any comment I get.