You might belong to a lower or middle class family and had times when you were penniless– I can relate my story to it. Whatever be my financial status today, I always was that one student in the class who ate Samosa (an Indian food with potato wrapped inside flour) as my snacks during my high school because I could not afford a burger or pizza.

But I’ve had numerous hobbies during my childhood- collect wrestling cards, play cricket, watch cartoons on a black-and-white television, just to name some.

And, I always envied my friends who had cartridge-type video games and computer in their homes. When I look back now, none of them count to being my favorite other than blogging that I started three years back in 2012.

In fact blogging is what I feel I’ll be doing all my life, not because I learnt how to make money and afford burger for my snacks, but because this is what I do best.

My online journey started with a stolen wi-fi password during my sophomore year and I already have mentioned that in my ‘about me‘ page.

I started blogging six months after I worked as a content-writer by finding gigs on odesk (now Upwork), and iWriter. I was paid well but I was not satisfied because I could only write about what they asked for. Yes, they even accepted my ideas and I could write about anything that I wanted to, but the high-pay rate they offered did not allure me for long.

I decided to start my own blog by browsing hundreds out of 152 million blogs in the internet. And today, blogging is not just about pressing buttons on my keyboard and writing my story, but it is more about changing myself. Blogging has transformed me to something else that I never thought I’d become.

I vividly remember days when I missed my engineering classes to read contents that said- ‘How to grow your blog?‘, ‘How you can increase your website traffic and earn more‘, to name a few. These stories still fascinate me and I spend around an hour daily, reading case studies that are more detailed and researched.

To shorten up, here I mention a few reasons on why I started blogging and you should too:

To make money

I wanted to eat burger for my snacks and I needed a couple of dime. Yes, I started blogging because I wanted to make money. I was still making some couple hundred of dollars through the content-writing gigs but that part eventually fazed out.

I was taught – ‘Engineers are to create their own jobs and not work for somebody else‘. That always hit me hard. I wanted to make money on my own and that is why I started blogging with the savings I made from my previous works as a writer.

To improve writing skills

I am good at studies but I always had a knack to develop my writing similar to native writers. I’m still learning to master the talent but I’m not a grammar nazi. Blogging has improved my writing skills to a great extent. Not only do I now know how to fit words in sentences, I’ve learnt how to interact with people through blogging.

After all, writing is all about communication. I feel I can easily interact with people now.

To meet new people

There are around 1 billion websites on the internet according to the research done and this number is growing everyday.

I always believed that for every one person online, there’s another person. There are social medias, internet messaging, forums, content sharing platforms and many other places where you can meet people. But, blogging gets you connected to like minded people easily.

If you’re interested in ‘diet food’ you get known to people who are dietitians or nutritionist and if you like to play ‘FIFA’ you’ll want to know people who are good at gaming.  Blogging gets you connected with those people easily!

To have a broader knowledge

When I started blogging, I wrote about contents that I did not know. For example, when I started a blog on soccer, I had no problem writing news about the Premier League. I followed Premier League everyday and I still can name atleast 10 players from all the 20 teams that played last season.

I knew who beat who and how the game went on. But I had no idea what teams played in La Liga apart from Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid.

Blogging made me a soccer fanatic and I slowly started loving the not-so-over-hyped La Liga and Budesliga. I even watched Ligue 1, MLS and few other leagues because I wanted to grow my blog among people who were interested in other soccer leagues as well.

Similarly, I’ve written contents about history, geography, medical science and almost every other things that helped my other blogs grow.

This is what I call the power of blogging. The more serious you’re about blogging, the more you want to learn, not only because you want your blog to grow but also to diverse your field and provide every information that your blog is related to.

To improve study habits

I was only used to reading hard-copy books and papers. I could not read or write on my laptop and the only thing I used it was to watch movies and prepare power-point slides for engineering presentations.

Engineering books cost lot and what I could do was make a habit of studying ebooks. There are kindles and tablets that could have solved my problem to some extent but I also wanted to improve my typing speed. So, I used the resource that I had- my laptop to use it for what it really was made for- multi-tasking.

There are a lot of things to embrace with blogging– it makes you devoted, committed and disciplined. I’m making a lot out of it and I’m pretty impressed with myself as I can type more than 70 WPM and read digital texts for hours.

Blogging helped me improve my daily habits except the part that my eyes need -5 powered glasses (I’ve been wearing glasses for over 10 years now).

To inspire people

Type your name on Google and see how many links refer to you exactly! Blogging brings you fame and people will know you. You let people find the exact thing that they’re searching and they will not need to waste a lot of time on the internet.

When I started blogging, people started following me on social media and wanted to become my friend because they wanted to know more on topics I blogged about. I started getting ‘thank you’ emails and there’s nothing else that makes me happier than this.

When you blog, Google is going to index you as an author and you’ll have your contents spread all over the search results. People are eventually going to visit your website and read your content and get to know you.

You’ll become a master on the subject (not flattering here) and your contents will make a buzz if it’s really good. 1 reader or 10,000, you’ll always be excited when you find people who want to hear your story.

Amazing, right?

To become more confident

Blogging is not only about expressing yourself and making money. Yes, I’m writing almost daily and living a good life. But, blogging has made me more confident.

There were times when people boasted on their ‘wiki-knowledge‘ which I always name ‘weak-knowledge‘ and I had no opinions to argue about.

But when I started writing, I knew about a lot of things. I read different areas of subjects and expanded my horizon of knowledge. I started being more confident in topics of common-gossips that I knew and it also made me realize that I can offer a lot.

Blogging helped me to boost my inner-self.

To become competent

This might sound interesting but this is what really keeps me motivated.

During my early days of blogging I read different blog posts (I still do) that said – ‘How I made $X,XXX in 2 months of blogging’ or ‘How I ranked for keyword Y in 2 months’ or ‘How my website traffic grew by ABC% in 2 weeks’, to name some.

I always fancied about large mailing list, increasing web traffic, making more money every day, and high rank on google. This developed a sense of competition (indirect) and helped me develop a habit of working hard.

This even worked in my real life. Similar to the online competition trend, blogging made a real-life fighter and it always kept me pushing ahead to work better and become positive.

Blogging is surely going to become a driving force in your life.

To improve mistakes and keep learning

I’ve run a number of blogs and some of them have failed completely. I worked a lot on the contents and different other blogging strategies but I’ve went through times that completely left my dream shattered.

Blogging is all about learning from mistakes. There are certain guidelines that you’ll need to follow while you blog and in spite of following them every time, there can be something that you’ll miss and see a setback.

Yes. I blog because I want to grow old with it. I’ve gone through failures and I’ve improved them the next time. I’ve seen results that’ve often left me overwhelmed. Blogging has always helped me learn new ways of improving my contents, skills and presence in the internet world.


Hopefully, you must surely have been inspired to start your own blog now. There are different ways to start a blog but Blogger and are free to start with. You’ll be able to start publishing in no time.

I also believe you can benefit more than what I’ve gained all over these years in blogging. You can find tons of resources online that are going to help you stand in the blogosphere.

It is indeed going to be difficult for you if you are a newbie. But everything starts from zero, right?

So, if you are interested to start a blog on your own and don’t have a clue, you can always look out for me.  Let me also know if you’ve been already blogging for a while!

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