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What is Going to be Different Tomorrow?

By Naman Nepal

Sixteen months!

That is how long it will have┬átaken me to complete my MBA in December 2017 since I’ve stepped out of my country to the United States.

Three more months and I’ve lived 35% of my life.

But, what is going to be different tomorrow? How are the 86400 seconds that each day gives us going to make any change?

There are a lot of questions in life that are not answered. Science can not speak of the future with absolute certainty.

But tomorrow brings change. That is 100%.

The air that flows through my lungs won’t be the same tomorrow. The sun won’t shine like it did today and kites will color the sky in a different way.

Tomorrow is going to be completely different. Therefore you must act differently.

If you act tomorrow the same way as you did today, you are not living your life. You are merely breathing while blood flows through your veins only waiting for the day to cease.

Tomorrow everything is going to be different and we should be ready to face the reality.

We should be ready to see the morning sunlight, become all ears to the birds that fly in the sky and have all eyes to the flowing river that never stops doing its duty.

Nature lives in the present and so should we because we are only one of the infinitesimal proportion of what this nature holds.

Tomorrow brings change. That is why we need to act today to make the right changes in life. We need to work hard and smart to achieve happiness.

Change is no big or small. Anything as small as setting a habit can be a change.

Small changes are what set the foundation for layering our life with shades of white and gray. Change can be a cause for a new thinking, a new feeling and what not. The only question is when are we going to start making a change, if not now?

Each step we take should motivate and inspire us to take another and walk the footsteps of life. That is what the road to success looks like.

Tomorrow, everything is going to be different. Don’t just wait and watch. Act, believe in yourself, dream and never always have a hope in your heart.

Because, remember:

Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things and no good thing ever dies.

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